Siliconcoach Live

Siliconcoach Live Mobile

Siliconcoach Lite Zone.

The Siliconcoach Lite Zone is the perfect place to begin and experience the many key benefits that the Siliconcoach Live platform has to offer.

  • Upload video (400 MB).
  • Perform video analysis.
  • Participate in online discussions.

Siliconcoach Plus Zone.

Upload more video, access our network of users and enhance your knowledge with our Principles of Movement series of lessons.

In the Siliconcoach Plus Zone you can:

  • Upload video (4 GB).
  • Perform analysis, including dual video analysis.
  • Create and participate in online discussions.
  • Learn about the basics of movement analysis (Included are 34 Principles of Movement lessons)

Standard Zone

Build your Zone the way you want. Simply start with just a standard Zone, add users and choose your features.

A Standard Zone includes:

  • The discussion feature.
  • Single video analysis tool.
  • 4GB of data per user.

To this you can add:

  • Users
  • Dual Video analysis tool
  • Module Pathways

College Pack

  • Standard Zone
  • Access for 20 users
  • 16 Biomechanics lessons
  • 18 Functional Anatomy lessons
  • Teacher Notes and Activity cards.

Sport Pack

  • Standard Zone
  • Access for 20 users
  • 6 GB data for each user

The Dual video tool enables you to play two videos side by side, above and below, overlaid or picture in picture, and includes drawing and measuring features.

Measure and highlight key-points with a range of simple to use drawing tools available.

The allocation of data to each user for uploading videos to Siliconcoach Live. Note: This is not storage, deleting videos will not free up data allocation. Additional Data can be purchased

Using the video analysis tool, share your analysis with your own private network group or with the wider Siliconcoach LIVE community.

The Biomechanics Path includes a range of 16 interactive Biomechanics Modules.

Modules include:

Coordination, Stability, Distance and Velocity, Projectile Motion, Friction, Drag, Force and Torque, First Class Levers, Second Class Levers, Third Class Levers, Inertia, Momentum, Newton’s Law of Inertia, Newton’s Law of Acceleration, Newton’s Law of Action Reaction and Impact.

The Functional Anatomy Path is a range of 18 Functional Anatomy Modules.

Modules Include:

Ankle Dorsiflexors, Ankle Plantar Flexors, Knee Flexors, Knee Extensors, Hip Abductors, Hip Adductors, Hip Flexors, Hip Extensors, Trunk Flexors, Trunk Extensors, Shoulder Adductors, Shoulder Abductors, Shoulder Flexors, Shoulder Extensors, Elbow Flexors, Elbow Extensors, Wrist Flexors and Wrist Extensors.