Siliconcoach software helps you to see the little things that make a big difference.

Welcome to Siliconcoach Ltd

Founded in 1997, Siliconcoach has grown from being one of the world's most successful video analysis companies to now providing innovative technology based solutions across a range of markets and industries while retaining its core belief in the power of video to aid the dissemination and sharing of knowledge, assist in improving and assessing physical performance, rehabilitation, professional development and learning.

Some people say "You can't make everyone happy". At Siliconcoach we try our best to, so over the last 12 years we have worked with a diverse range of professionals across many different industries to deliver effective solutions for their markets.

Siliconcoach video analysis software

Siliconcoach Video Analysis software

Video analysis software made easy

Technique is key to great performance; our range video analysis software has been developed specifically to help you leverage the power of video to see the little things that make all the difference.

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Your knowledge, where you want it, instant, engaging and verifiable.

Bracken is a online Learning Management System enabling educators to create and deliver rich, interactive learning modules that are informative and engaging for learners.

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Dialed in Motion

Dynamic fitting software for bike and sports shoe retailers

Siliconcoach video analysis software designed specifically for bike and sport shoe retailers. See the little things that get the best fit possible for their customers.

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PnO Data Solutions

PnO Data Solutions

Collaboration, education, intervention and justification

PnO Data Solutions specializes in helping Orthotic and Prosthetic professionals capture, collaborate and justify their clinical decisions.

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