How do I analyze a video?

Note: The key things to know here are that:

You must go into a Zone before you can analyze any videos.
You choose your type of analysis before you choose your video



As an example, under the Siliconcoach Tab select the Lite Zone and then select the Analyses link.


Note: If you own a Zone then choose that one rather than this demo one.



    Lite analyses


Then you chose what type of analysis you want to do.  


Your options are Text Only, Single or Dual (not in the free Lite Zone).


    create Analysis buttons



Then choose your video from the File Manager that automatically appears.


          Note: You can narrow your search by choosing the appropriate Tags or do a search.


You are now on the Analysis screen.


From here you can:

Play the video.
Step the video frame by frame using the arrow keys on your keyboard.  (Note: You must first press the Play then Pause buttons to activate the Step control.
Add members into the Analysis and start a discussion about it with them
Review your screen shots by rolling your mouse over them.

  Analyse screen new


Understanding the Download Progress bar


Waiting to download. A barber pole is shown when the video is ready to be loaded. The video download starts automatically.


On iPad, the user must click the clip0002 Download button to start downloading the video. This is a limitation of Safari on iOS. No waiting bar will be shown.


Video has downloaded or partially downloaded. The downloaded sections are shown by textured bars. Independent bars are shown for the dual analysis tool.


If an error occurs attempting to download the video, the bar is shown in red. [STAN] Did not see any errors so far



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