How do I analyze 2 videos at once?

Note: The key things to know here are that:

You must go into a Zone before you can analyze any videos.
You choose your type of analysis before you choose your video.
You CANNOT analyse 2 videos at once in the free Lite Zone.


To analyze 2 videos:


Select your own Zone and then select the Analyses link.





    choose own zone


Then choose Dual Analysis.


Remember if you are just using the free Lite option you will not even see this option.


    create Analysis buttons



Then choose your videos from the File Manager that automatically appears.


Remember you need to choose 2 videos.


          Note: You can narrow your search by choosing the appropriate Tags or do a search.


You are now on the Dual Analysis screen.


From here you can:


Play the video.


Step the videos frame by frame using the arrow keys on your keyboard.  (Note: You must first press the Play then Pause buttons to activate the Step control.




Review your screen shots by rolling your mouse over them.


New Dual analysis_2


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