How do I invite people to my Zone?

Note: The key thing to know here is that you must go into the Zone before you can manage the users of that Zone.


If you are a facilitator/owner of a Zone then you have the tools to invite users into your Zone.  Remember each Zone has a limited number of users and extra users usually cost extra money so think carefully before inviting people into your Zone.


Note: For your control and security, adding people to your Zone is a 3 Step process:


To invite them, you give them an automatically generated Access Code.


They enter that code in their Bracken Home Page.


You accept them.

To invite someone into your Zone:


Click on the Admin link in the upper right of your screen and then the appropriate Zone Members link



Note: Your list will not look like this as you will see your zones.


Amin link





Once in your Zone, copy the unique Join Code and paste it in an email to the person you want to invite.

  Zone code


Tell them to go and sign up for your Zone from their Bracken account.


Note: If they do not have a Bracken account (free) then they must Register.



A few minutes after they have entered the code in their Bracken Home Page, you will get an alert telling you someone has applied to join your Zone.


You must now accept them into your Zone.



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