Web Uploader

You can get the Uploaders from here


hmtoggle_plus1Where can I find the Web Uploader?

Once you have logged into your account look for the ‘Manage Files’ link in the upper left of the screen.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I use the Web Uploader from my iPhone, iPad Touch or iPad?

No, The videos will upload but are not in the correct format to play.  If you are using an iOS device you should use the iOS Uploader.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I load more than one video at a time?

Yes. Choose multiple files by holding the CTRL key down while you select files.  However the best option for uploading more than one video at once is to use use the Desktop Uploader.


hmtoggle_plus1How long before my uploaded video is available?

That depends on the server load but it is usually within 10 minutes.  If you need the videos faster than that you should use the Desktop Uploader because once they have finished uploading they are ready for use.


hmtoggle_plus1What is the ‘Sharing’ option I have on the web upload page?

This is how you manage the video clip(s) you are about to upload.  You may want to share it with some Zones (groups) and not others.  You can change this setting at any time by going to the ‘Manage Files’ link in the upper the left of the screen, choosing your video and then make any changes to the Sharing settings.


hmtoggle_plus1The videos I uploaded do not seem to be in my online area.  I looked under the ‘Manage Videos’ link.

It can take 10 minutes or even more for the video to convert on the server and then be available for use.  Also make sure you did not navigate away from the uploader page before it had finished.  If you did, your upload will have been canceled by your Browser.  If it still does not appear restart your browser and try it again.  Also try a different video in an attempt to pinpoint the issue (i.e. corrupt file, incompatible file type or an uploader issue).  Report any issues to support@siliconcoach.com.