Using the Mac Uploader

You can now compress and upload videos directly from your desktop computer.


Download the Windows Uploader by clicking on the image below (about 22 MB)


Mac UploaderApple logo

Note: Requires OS X 10.7 or later


Click on the image below to watch a tutorial video on how to use the web uploader.



Error when Installing on the Mac OS

When installing the Siliconcoach Uploader on Mac OSX, a message may appear stating that the software cannot be installed because it is not from a trusted developer. This just means the uploader is not registered with the Apple App store


hmtoggle_plus1Click here to learn how to work around it.

This protection can be turned off in the Settings as outlined below:

1.Open System Preferences from the Apple menu.
2.Click on Security & Privacy.
3.Choose the General tab.
4.If necessary, unlock the padlock by clicking it. You will need to enter an administrator password.
5.In the Allow applications downloaded from: section, choose Anywhere.
6.Run the Mac Desktop Uploader installer.
7.If desired, repeat these steps to restore the security settings, and click Lock to prevent further changes.


For more information on this click here



Uploading Videos

1.Enter your Username and Password.
2.Click Load Video and choose the file you want to upload.
3.Choose if you wish to make the video visible to everyone in a group (Zone).
4.Optional: You can reduce the video resolution and/or frame rate as desired. For long videos, we recommend a resolution of 640 x 360 and frame rate between 12.5 & 15fps to keep the video file sizes small.
5.Select Add to List or Save Changes.
6.Click Upload.



Tip: You can load multiple videos at once by selecting your video files then dragging them onto the video playback area.  Your videos will appear on the list at the bottom and from here you can edit them and set their upload properties.  Be sure to save any changes you make to the files before uploading.