Mobile Tips

Here are a few tips that may help you use the iOS Mobile App:



If you can't find any of your 'stuff', make sure you are looking at the right Zone (group). Some users will be members of more than one Zone
You can only review one Zone at a time.
You analyse videos under Analyse.


When you are importing a video you can:
Review the video at normal speed or frame by frame.
Zoom the video (only if it is not at full resolution already, you cannot go past 100% size).
Trim the video.
Review the file information.
Use tags when ever you can as it makes finding that video at a later time much easier . e.g. 'Rugby': 'Pass': 'Seniors': 'June 2012'.


When you create an Analysis make sure you add the members then as you cannot edit them in the app later. However, you change change the members of your discussions on the web site.
When reviewing a video a single tap will play and pause the video playback
You can swipe over the video itself to step the video frame by frame.
Leave the video on the fame you want, type your comment and then press POST and that image and comment will be added to the discussion thread.
Click on a comment thumbnail to see a full screen version of the image.