iOS Mobile Apps (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPads)

You can get the Uploaders from here


hmtoggle_plus1Is there a charge for the Mobile app?

No, the Mobile App is free from the App store.


hmtoggle_plus1What are the requirements for the iOS Mobile app?

iOS 4.3 or later, however iOS 5 or later is strongly recommended.


hmtoggle_plus1How do I take a video for uploading to my account?

Take your video clips with any camera app that saves its videos to the device’s Camera Roll or from within the Mobile app.  From there you select your clip (one at a time) from within the Mobile app and upload it from there.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I draw on my videos when I am analysing them?



hmtoggle_plus1Can I invite new colleagues into my analysis for a discussion??

Yes and No,  Yes you can at the time you create the analysis but no not once the analysis is created.  Either way once they are in they will be included in comments originating from your Mobile App analyses.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I upload a video directly from the devices camera App?

No, you should take your video clips with any camera app that saves the videos to the device’s Camera Roll.  From there you select your clip (one at a time) from within the Mobile app and upload it from there.


hmtoggle_plus1Should I capture my video in portrait or landscape?

It does not matter; the Mobile app will note the orientation so it will play in the website the correct way.  However, given screens are wider then they are tall and the video player is also wider than it is tall, landscape will often give you a bigger image.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I use the Web Uploader from my iPhone, iPad Touch or iPad?

No.  If you are using an iOS device you must use the iOS Mobile app.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I upload videos from the Camera Roll?

If your version of the iOS allows access to the Camera roll then you can select videos from there.  Just touch the LIBRARY option in the MENU (upper left) and then select the video library  at the top of the screen.  NOTE: Make sure you have the legal right to upload this video otherwise it will be removed without notice.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I upload more than one video at a time?

No, you can only select and upload one video at a time.  The Desktop uploaders can handle multiple videos.


hmtoggle_plus1I accidentally deleted the Settings from my iPhone/iPad, how do I get them back?

Click the RESET button or you can type in Protocol= https; Server =; Port = 80.


hmtoggle_plus1How long before my uploaded video is available?

Because they videos are converted to the correct format by the uploader before they are uploaded they are ready for use once they have finished uploading.