Mobile App Overview

You can now Capture, Analysis and Share videos directly from your iPhone or iPad.


Get the Mobile app, available from the Apple App store by clicking the image below or search "SC Live Mobile" from your iPad or iPhone App Store.

iTunesOn App store


Note: Although we have many branded uploaders, we will use the Siliconcoach Live one for this example as they all work exactly the same way.


For those out and about we also have an iOS App that will work on the iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch’s.  You can choose your video from you device’s Camera Roll and push it up to your Bracken Site with the Mobile App.  It’ll be ready for you to start your online analysis almost immediately.


The Siliconcoach Live (SC Live) Mobile free app is designed to work in conjunction with the SC Live web site ( and works on the iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch.


The SC Live website is your one stop location for analysing and communicating about skilled movement and the SC Live Mobile app facilitates this.  It allows you to view, replay, step videos, capture images and discuss them with your colleagues.


For most of you your ultimate goal with SC Live Mobile will be to analyse and discuss a video with colleagues.


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Import and analyse locally?

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Import, share and analyse online?