You can get the Uploaders from here


hmtoggle_plus1Which is the best uploader for me to use?

It depends.  The Web Uploader requires no extra software but it uploads the original file which can take a long time if it is a big file and then it converts it on the server which can take up to 10 minutes.  The iOS and Desktop Uploaders all convert the videos on the device/desktop so the upload is smaller and the video is available immediately after the file has finished uploading.


hmtoggle_plus1What video formats are supported by the uploaders?

We attempt to make all the video used in phones and cameras uploadable. If you have found a file type that will not upload after a couple of attempts please contact


hmtoggle_plus1Do I have to fill in the Title, Description and Tags boxes?

You have to give the video a title but do not have to put in a description or a tag.  However, once you get a lot of videos these data will a help you find you clips.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I give my videos better names than the ones the camera gives them?

Yes, in fact it is recommended.  It is also recommended that you give the video a description and some tags. Tags are like keywords that you can use to filter your videos when you are looking for them.


hmtoggle_plus1How is the best way to use Tags?

Tags are a very powerful way of categorizing your data, more powerful than folders; however they are probably less familiar to most people.  For example what if you were at a juniors’ basketball camp in Feb 2012 and had captured a total 100 videos from 20 athletes.  Would you put them in a folder called ‘Basketball’, or one called ‘Juniors’, or ‘Feb 2012’ and have sub folders called ‘Free Throws’, ‘Lay ups’, ‘Defense’, ‘Dribbling’?  The combinations are complex but what if you wanted to compare these videos to the Oct 2011 camp, do you have another mega-set of folders?


If you use Tags you can give each video clip a series of keywords like ‘Oct 2011’, ‘Feb 2012’, ‘Juniors’, ‘Seniors’, ‘Free Throws’, ‘Defense’ etc.  Then to find any set of videos you just search for a tag, say ‘Juniors’.  Then you will get all the junior’s videos, or ‘Free throws’ and you will get all the free throw videos from everyone at all camps and so on.  It is worth getting into using Tags early because once you get 1000’s of videos you will wish you had.


hmtoggle_plus1What is my Login and Password?

When you login from within the Desktop and iOS Uploaders you are actually logging into your Bracken Site web account so the Username and Password is the same.  If you don’t yet have an account (and therefore a username and password) then you can go to our general and register for free to create an account.  Alternatively get your login details from your Bracken Site administrator.  If in doubt contact  .


hmtoggle_plus1Can I convert videos and save them to my computer?

No, once the files are converted they are automatically uploaded to your account.


hmtoggle_plus1I captured a long video with a lot of wasted space, can I trim my video.

Yes you can trim your video clip before uploading it if you are using the iOS Uploader or the Desktop Uploader. However it is much more time efficient to capture short clips and not have to trim them at all.


hmtoggle_plus1What format and resolution do the uploaders output at?

Currently the videos are converted to MP4 H.264 up to 1920 x 1080.


hmtoggle_plus1How do I find out if my video(s) have made it to my account?

You can review you videos in 2 places in the Bracken Site.  Either by clicking on the ‘Manage Files’ link in the upper left of your screen or by clicking on the ‘Analyses’ link under the you Zone tab.  Remember if you have given then a Tag they will be easier to find.


hmtoggle_plus1My videos look good when I play them on my device/computer, but online they look blurred.

Videos always look good playing them at normal speed but when you advance them frame by frame in the web player you will see what the eye misses at full speed.  You should review our online document on Getting good video (pdf).