Desktop Uploaders (Mac and Windows)

You can get the Uploaders from here


hmtoggle_plus1What are the hardware requirements for the Desktop Uploaders?

The Desktop Uploaders should run on any Mac or PC hardware that was purchased in the last 2-3 years.


hmtoggle_plus1What are the operating system requirements for the Desktop Uploaders?

Ideally you should use the most recent releases of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OS.  The Windows Desktop Uploader will run on Windows XP but before you run it you must run Windows Update (Under the Start menu, then All Programs) and update everything it suggests.  This should load the required .net Runtime Environment V3.5 on your computer (Windows only).


hmtoggle_plus1Should I capture my video in portrait or landscape?

It does not matter; the Desktop Uploader allows you to rotate the video before you convert and upload it.  However, given screens are wider then they are tall and the website video player is also wider than it is tall, landscape will give you a bigger image.


hmtoggle_plus1Is there a charge for the uploader?



hmtoggle_plus1When I use the LOAD button I cannot seem to select more than one video at a time.

That is correct; you can only load one video at a time using the LOAD button.  See below to see how to load more than one video at a time


hmtoggle_plus1Can I load more than one video at a time?

Yes, simply select a group of video files and drag them onto the video display area.  Wait a moment for the videos to load and then they will appear in the queued list below.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I load a whole folder of videos at one time?

Not by dragging the actual folder, but you can select all the videos inside the folder by opening the folder and clicking the ‘Ctrl’ (Windows)/Command (Mac) and ‘A’ keys together.  Then drag them onto the video display area


hmtoggle_plus1Can I make changes to the videos I have in my queued list?

Yes just double click on the video in the list and it will become the ‘current’ one.  You can then edit its Title, Description and Tags plus its start (Mark In) and end (Mark Out) points if your clip is too long.  You must press the SAVE CHANGES button to save and commit those changes to the list.


hmtoggle_plus1Does editing the Frame Rate box change the videos playback properties?

Yes and No.  It does not automatically create more frames for you or effect how fast the video plays back in the website but it will affect the time calculations between frames and therefore any subsequent speed calculations in the website.  Normally you should use leave this as it is unless you have imported the video from a high sped camera such as a Casio Exilim.


hmtoggle_plus1What does the ADD TO LIST button do?

The ADD TO LIST button allows you to save another instance of the selected movie to your queue.  For example you could have one video clip with 3 golf swings in it.  Now you can load the video, double click on its entry in the queued list, mark the In and Out points for the first swing and then add that to the queued list using the ADD TO LIST button.  Then repeat for the second and third swings which means you will end up with 3 videos clips consisting of one swing each.


hmtoggle_plus1What is the best way to navigate through my video?

You should play the video through a couple of times to work out where you may want to mark the cut points to cut the ends off the video (i.e. the Mark In and Mark Out points).  Play the video and pause it at a point just before you want to set the cut point (Mark In) then use the Frame Advance button to get near to the key point. Repeat this process for the Mark out point.  Don’t spend too much time getting the in and out points exact, a few frames makes very little difference to the file size.


hmtoggle_plus1I am having a lot of trouble scrolling back and forth through the video, it pauses, freezes, jumps etc.  What is going on?

The Desktop Uploader imports a huge variety of video file types and many of them are not suited to frame by frame playback.  These file types are usually highly compressed and to show the frame you want your computer has to decompress a whole lot of frames to get yours.  Generally the faster the computer the better the scrolling will be but it will never be as good as in the web site, which is why we convert the files you use in there.  However the is a single frame advance button that does work well as long as you give it time between steps.  Continually pressing buttons when nothing is happening will make things worse as it will queue all those commands and it then will take a while to process them all.


hmtoggle_plus1What do the ‘<<’ and ‘>>’ buttons do?

Because frame by frame stepping is so hard (especially backwards) to do with most of the files types the uploader can import, we have added ‘Jump Back’ and ‘Jump Forward’ buttons.  All you do is selecting the jump-time and then press the << or >> buttons to jump back for forward respectively.


hmtoggle_plus1Why are the ‘<<’ and ‘>>’ buttons disabled (grey'ed out)?

The ‘<<’ and ‘>>’ buttons are used to jump the video forward or back by the set amount of time (seconds).  However if your video is only a few seconds long then jumping forward and back is not needed and therefore disabled.


hmtoggle_plus1How long before my uploaded video is available in the web site?

Because the videos are converted to the correct format by the uploader before they are uploaded they are ready for use in the website once they have finished uploading from the uploader.