Desktop Uploader Overview

See a video tutorial here: Uploader Overview

(Siliconcoach Live used as an example)



Some video files are very large so we’ve made free desktop applications for Mac and Windows that pushes the videos up your Bracken Site.


The big advantage with this method is that the videos are converted before they go up making them smaller and therefore faster to upload.


Another advantage of this method is that they will be ready to use almost instantly.




In the desktop uploaders you can choose to load one video at a time using the LOAD button




Alternatively you can drag and drop a whole lot of individual videos onto the application at once and process them all on one go.


Note: Drag the individual files not their folder.




Next you must edit each video’s details and then you can press the UPLOAD button.


All the videos in the list will be converted and uploaded as a batch.


Soon after they finish uploading they will be in your Live area ready for analysis.



For more information see:

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