What's New in V4

Timewarp 4 has been built from the ground up with none of the original code from Timewarp 3 used at all.  This gave us the flexibility to add the features we knew worked.


The new features are:

NEW Thumbnail timeline.  Timewarp 4 features a new thumbnail timeline to make it simpler and quicker to find a key moment in time.




NEW Project window. Timewarp 4 introduces Timewarp projects: With Timewarp projects you can now save the whole timeline complete with tags for later edit, review or export.  Being able to save the whole timeline removes the pressure to do all the analysis right there and then. This frees you up to concentrate on your athlete.




NEW Tagging interface.  Tagging is a way of capturing segments of video for future review or analysis. Tagging in Timewarp 4 is now much simpler with our new tagging interface.  PLUS you are now able to adjust your lead in and out times for tags already made.

Tagging turns Timewarp from a simple video recorder to a powerful coaching and feedback tool.




NEW File Playback Interface.  In Timewarp 4, you can now play a wide variety of video file formats right next to your 'live' video.  One way people learn is, by mimicking movement and this is the ideal tool to facilitate this.


play video files


...and more

Supports new generation USB and Hard-drive video camera's.
Is Windows 7 compatible.
Improved drawing tools.
Improved full screen layout.