Use the Timeline?

The Timeline is the control centre of Timewarp 4.  It is here that you navigate through the extremely long video captures.  You can loop a segment of video,  let it play, pause it or step it frame by frame.





Here is where you set the Lead-in and Lead-out times.

The Lead-in time is the time before the time-point you left mouse clicked or when you pressed a Tag button.
The Lead-out time is the time after the time-point you left mouse clicked or when you pressed a Tag button.



If you press this button the play-head will be brought back into view.


These are the Step back, Pause/Play, Step Forward buttons


Pressing the warp button will bring the play head back to the warp time.


You can adjust the warp time


time left

This is an approximation of the time you have left to capture shown in hours:minutes.


Timewarp will not fill up your hard disk and leave you stuck, it will always leave about 2 GB free.



This is the Play Head,  You can click on the timeline to move it.



Left mouse click starts a loop
Right mouse click plays as normal.

loop area

The Looping Box is bounded by a green box for live-Warped video and a blue box for a previously captured Project video.


You can change the size of the looping box by dragging its ends.


The thick vertical green line between the ends is the point on the timeline you clicked on (or tagged).  The lead-in and Lead-out times are taken from this point in time.


[Zoom in and out]

You can zoom in and out on the timeline by using he scroll wheel on your mouse while hovering the mouse over the timeline.