Set up to capture video?

The Setup Screen is where you prepare for video capture or where you reload a previous Timewarp Project.

You can learn about the Project screen at "How do I revisit a Project"


The Live screen has been divided into 4 clear steps, namely

a)Selecting the camera.
b)Confirming you can see a video.
c)Setting the Warp (delay).
d)Pressing START to start recording.

Dazzle plus feed


a. Selecting the Camera

Selecting the camera and its corresponding settings is the only part that needs more explanation.


First, you need to select a device from the pull down menu.  Depending on the type of device there may be more settings you need to set.  Some devices like Video to USB converters (eg Dazzle DVC 100) have a huge number of settings, other devices (eg MiniDV cameras) have no settings.  We have tried to filter out irrelevant settings but we cannot control them all as it is different for every device.



The basic rules are:

If you are using a Pal* or NTSC* MiniDV camera (uses a small tape) then there are no settings.
If you are using a Pal camera with a Video to USB Converter then look for YUY2 at 720 x 576 at 25 Hz.
If you are using a NTSC camera with a Video to USB Converter then look for YUY2 at 720 x 480 at 30 Hz (or 29.97 Hz).
If you can't find those then look for 640 x 480 and 25 Hz (Pal) or 30Hz (NTSC).
Anything less than 640 x 480 will result in a bad video image and pixelation (looks 'blocky').
Anything less than 25 Hz will result in video that appears to stutter or be jerky.
Web cams (inbuilt or external) may or may not work but they do not provide a good image or a fast enough shutter so the video will look blurred and sluggish.


I can't see a video image

If you don't see any video image in Step 2 then try a different setting and wait about 20 seconds for a refresh.  Try a few settings.

If you still don't see a video image or don't see any Devices at all then go to "How do I get my camera to work?"


ExclaimationCurrently the Audio Settings are disabled so sound will not be captured with the video.


*Pal is mainly in New Zealand, Australia, UK, parts of Europe and others. NTSC is mainly in USA, Canada, Japan and others.