Setting up your gear

Timewarp is essentially a delayed playback system for learning skills so it needs a live camera feed for the initial capture (although you can save a video capture as a project and review it later).


Make sure it is all plugged in and turned on as shown below.

Camera Options setup


You will need:

A MiniDV camera (uses a small tape).
A Firewire cable.
A Firewire port in your computer or a plug-in card that has Firewire.
MiniDV cameras are not made anymore.  if you do not have one already you will need to use the USB option below.



You will need:

A camcorder that has a A/V out plug (this is most camcorders).
A composite cable (yellow, red, white plugs at one end at least).
A Video to USB converter to take the A/V output from the camera and convert it into a USB signal.
A USB Cable.