Self-Paced Training


Welcome to the siliconcoach training course.  The delivery of this course is a combination of self directed modules and online tutorials.


Self Directed Modules                The self-directed (SD) learning modules are like ‘road maps’ that will guide you through the large amount of resources on the siliconcoach web site and also refer you to the important pages of the Training Manual and the online video tutorials.


Time Commitment                Approximately 2 hours.


What do I need?                Broadband internet connection


The TimeWarp Software Course

This course consists of four modules. There is a Training Manual and then 3 self-directed (SD) modules will provide a basic introduction to what video analysis is and how to achieve good quality video footage with regards to equipment and setup considerations and then how to use most of the features in Timewarp.


Course ID      Resource (pdf)

SD1         An Introduction to Video Analysis and Best Practice

SD2         An Introduction to Timewarp

SD3         Advanced Timewarp

TM           Training Manual


If you have any questions about the course please contact us on