People improve faster with feedback and your visual system is one of the best feedback systems you have.


Timewarp provides athletes with a simple visual feedback tool that enhances the learning process.


Timewarp  works by continuously recording video to hard disk while at the same time allowing you to move backwards and forwards within the captured video footage.  It also lets you view the footage using a time delay (Warp) that is set by the user. In this regard, you can perform an action and then view the video without having to go back through the footage.


Key features:

Sections of interest can be repeatedly reviewed in real time or frame by frame.
You can draw on the screen to highlight points of interest. Save your drawings for reuse in subsequent sessions.
Tag sections of the timeline for easy review and export.  You can even use it as a simple match analysis system.
Play exemplar clips from files that illustrate the techniques you wish to model.
Project the full screen mode onto a big screen at an event for easy viewing and increased spectator interest.


As video is captured to hard disk rather than to RAM, the duration of video capture is only restricted by your hard disk size, and it is possible to continuously record long sessions. As an approximate guide you need about 5 GB of free hard disk space per hour of footage captured.



You can even use Timewarp 4 as a simple match analysis system.