Get my camera to work

Timewarp is essentially a delayed playback system for learning skills so it needs a live camera feed for the initial capture (although you can save a capture as a project and review it later).


Therefore setting up you camera correctly is essential.  This section focuses on trouble shooting camera problems.


Trouble shooting

If you are not getting a video image or your image has banding (lines across it) then:


Review System Compatibility


Review How do I set up to capture video


Review Configuring your System


Check your hardware.

oCheck all connections into the camera, Video to USB converter and into the computer.
oCheck your camera is turned on and set to capture not replay.
oMake sure you can see an image in the cameras viewfinder.


Check if your device is in the Timewarp list.

oYes I can see it:  Move on.
oNo I can't see it: A 'device' (eg a camera or a Video to USB Converter) must be detected by Windows before Timewarp can see it.  Therefore you need to check you installed the drivers for it as per the manufacturers instructions.  This is especially relevant with Video to USB converters, they usually need the software to be loaded before the device is plugged in.  If you plug the device in before the manufacturers software is loaded it will load a Windows driver (software) and this will probably stop it from working.  If you have done this you must uninstall any drivers for it and install the ones from the manufacturer.  once the driver is correctly installed as per manufacturer's instructions restart Timewarp.


Set your Video Settings: Each camera or Video to USB Converter will come with a unique set of video settings, you will need to choose  the right one but fortunately there are only a few options that will work properly.  If you are using the recommended Video to USB converters then these rules should apply.

oIf you are using a Pal camera (NZ, AUS, UK, etc) then use something that looks like 'YUY2 720 x 576 at 25 Hz'.
oIf you are using a NTSC camera (USA, Canada, Japan, etc) then use something that looks like 'YUY2 720 x 480 at 30 (29.97). Hz'



oIf your device is listed in the Timewarp pull down but you have no image in the Preview screen, the most common cause is the wrong format (eg PAL vs NTSC).
oIf your video has horizontal lines all over when you move in front of the camera, the most common cause is the wrong setting, ie it is 640 when is should be 720.