Find the best USB converter?

With the demise of MiniDV camcorders around the world in early 2010 we have had to change the way we get live video feeds into Timewarp 4.  A few years ago it was all MiniDV connected to the computer via Firewire (Option 1), now we also use Video to USB converters (Option 2) which now means you can connect to any camera that has a A/V output.


Camera Options setup

A comparison of Firewire and USB setups.

(NOTE: The box between the camera and the computer in Option 2 is a USB converter)


This new USB method dramatically increases the number of camera you can use.  You can use any camera with a A/V output but you need to add a USB converter into the system.


For those that still have MiniDV camcorders they will still work fine (providing you have the appropriate Firewire port in your computer and the correct cable).


This image show what the A/V connections looks like in a Panasonic and a Sony camcorder.


The plugs are in different places in each model but you are looking for the A/V plug.

AV plugs


This is the type of A/V cable you will use.


The yellow-red-white end of the cable is consistent but different manufactures use different single plugs at the other end.


Fortunately the cable comes with the camera so all you need to get the USB converter (see below)

example AV cable


This is a photos of the Dazzle USB converter, one of the brands recommended by Siliconcoach to work with Timewarp 4.



Which Video to USB Converter should get?

There are a lot of video converters available on the market and they are all slightly different so Siliconcoach has tested many and recommended a few.


NOTE: Because of the ways different manufacturers convert the video signal to USB,  Siliconcoach will only support the following models.



Dazzle DVD Recorder Plus (DVC 100)
Hauppauge USB Live 2
Honestech VHS to DVD 4.0