Configuring your System

Before you use the software you need to make sure your hardware is correctly set up.  The image below show a typical configuration.


camera and laptop

Important Points:

You can get your video source by using a MiniDV camera and a Firewire cable but you must have a Firewire port in your computer.  Many computers do not have inbuilt Firewire but you can add a port using an Express Card.  You can learn all about Firewire at .


Most cameras nowadays do not have Firewire capabilities so you will need to use the A/V-out plug in your camera and then connect that into a Video to USB converter.  NOTE: you will probably have to load software for the converter so make sure you follow their instructions carefully.


Always use a tripod of some sort with your camera


Built-in Web cam's are not good to use, they are generally too slow, too small, distort the image (fisheye) or cause crashes.  Further they don't have flexibility for correct positioning like a stand alone camera does.