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Parent Company Re-Brand

Siliconcoach's parent company namesake, Siliconcoach Ltd., has recently undergone a re-branding process. We love the new look and wanted to tell you a bit more about our company, its history and the bright future ahead. 

Since its inception, The Tarn Group Ltd. (previously known as Siliconcoach), has concentrated on adventure in a physical and mental sense of the word. Our new software, Bracken, is especially focused on education, innovation and challenge. We named this new platform “Bracken” to honour one of our favourite Dunedinites – the man behind our country’s national anthem and the pioneer of NZ’s proud nickname, “God’s Own Country” – Thomas Bracken. 

Our whole company started from a pain we knew too well ourselves – sports analysis was difficult and coaches and athletes alike struggled with analysing purely written descriptions of their activities. We came up with cutting-edge video-analysis tools to help people like us solve problems we’ve encountered before. 

We released our first software two years after starting the company. That was in 1996. And as we grew and developed, we’ve had our share of changes. 

“Siliconcoach has grown into one of the world’s most successful video analysis companies. It’s based on our passion for sport and a firm belief that video analysis can assist in improving and assessing physical performance. 

“Now we’re offering more, so we need a new brand identity to show that we are a catchment of innovation and knowledge across a wide range of disciplines. We focus on sport, education and corporate needs. Above all, we focus on great ideas. We are The Tarn Group.” – CEO Joe Morrison on the company’s history. 

Visit The Tarn Group website to learn more.

Joe Morrison, CEO. Image from the Dunedin Book of Business. 

New Siliconcoach Live Mobile

New Siliconcoach Live Mobile Available Now


We have just released a significant update to our Siliconcoach Live Mobile application. It does everything the original app did but more efficiently and with an easier to follow interface. The update includes:

  • New user interface for seamless navigation.

  • New capture engine to enable faster analysis.

  • Improved workflow for sharing of video.

  • Better access to local and cloud based videos.

The first time you launch the app it will open on the record screen, to get to the main menu simply tap on this icon .

Bracken and Siliconcoach Live Update

New Bracken and Siliconcoach Live Analysis Area

The most obvious change you will see is the re-designed video analysis tool. This includes:

  • More draw and measurement tools but in a simpler more powerful interface.
  • A new video segment selector so you can comment on a specific part of a movie.
  • Image region capture that allows you to capture just part of the movie image.
  • A re-designed discussion list that allows you to create threads.
  • A new timeline that shows colour coded comments that people have made.

All these new features are as a result of user feedback.  We'd love to get your feedback about how we can continue to improve Bracken and Siliconcoach Live. Login and check it out.

PnO Data Solutions Signs Exclusive Agreement with Movement Analysis Software Company

PnO Data Solutions


PnO Data Solutions, Los Angeles, California, has announced it has signed an exclusive agreement with Siliconcoach, Dunedin, New Zealand, a movement analysis software company. The agreement with Siliconcoach results in O&P-specific video gait analysis tools and research-based gait reports.

Check it out at


Siliconcoach Live Update



We are optimising the database to improve the user access experience.  We expect the site will be offline for no more than half an hour. Siliconcoach Live will be offline on Monday 15 6:00am NZ time.



Siliconcoach Live Mobile App Update

Siliconcoach Live Mobile application brings even more to the iPad and iPhone. Now you can annotate, save and share your analysis with others in Siliconcoach Live.  Also added is an offline mode, now you can use Siliconcoach Live mobile anytime anywhere.

Whats New in version 3.1:

  • Basic drawing tools, including; angle, line pen ellipse and rectangle tools
  • Offline Mode

Siliconcoach Live Mobile is a free application for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Upload, review, analyse and share video with others in your Siliconcoach Live Network from your IOS device.

SC Live Mobile - Siliconcoach Ltd.



Windows 8 Compatibile

Siliconcoach Software Windows 8 compatible

All current versions of Siliconcoach software are now officially Windows 8 compatible.

For more hardware questions check out our 'hardware for Siliconcoach software' document here.

A first for P&O Clinical Movement Data System

Siliconcoach is proud to announce the arrival of the P&O Clinical Movement Data System into the North American market. The software has been installed in Niagara P&O Facility, The largest Private Clinic in Ontario, Canada.

When asked why they said because it was P&O Specific. Functional with easy of use.

We wish them well!

Siliconcoach Pro 6

With Pro 7 now being in the market since 2008 we have withdrawn support for Pro 6. This means that Pro 6 will continue to operate as specified in your End User License Agreement but we no longer provide bug fixes or license resets.

If you wish to retain access to our video analysis software you could either purchase Pro 7 or consider subscribing to our web based video analysis software Siliconcoach Live